European Motorcycle Adventure Tours

Beach's Motorcycle Adventures - touring on BMWs since 1972!

It's a mindset; about looking down, rather than up, about seeing the world from the perspective of a hawk, about climbing, up and over, the most amazing mountains.

It's passion - for curves, undulations, and pavement heading to indescribable views.

It's curiosity to see what is around the next corner, and over that mountain.

It’s power, speed and control, movement through a new world, a new reality.

It’s freedom and discovery.

It's what we help you do.

~ Rob Beach ~

Tour calendar

Isle of Man TT Tarry

It is a short ride from our overnight in Lancaster to Heysham, where our riders (and a thousand or so others!) begin to gather at the docks. The excitement begins to build, as we are now on all our way to the Isle of Man. . . more

Dolomite Domination

One of two new tours for 2018, the Dolomite Domination focuses on the Italian Alps. Over 8 riding days the tour moves at a pace that is an excellent balance between the sport of motorcycling and the lure of the countryside. . . more

Swiss Splendor

The second of two new tours for 2018, the Swiss Splendor only requires a week, plus a Friday and a Monday away from work. With a focus on the Swiss Alps and the great roads . . . more

Italian Idyll

One could run through the alphabet and find phrases and descriptions - beginning with each of the 26 letters - that personify the wonderful country that is Italy. In an effort to bring this specialness to the fore . . . more

Classic Alpine Adventure

The European Alps are, very simply, the most magical place in the world to ride motorcycles. Within their ramparts huddle villages and farms from the middle ages. . . more

Alpine Adventure West

Prepare for the big! Big scenery, big riding days and, of course, big passes. The Alpine Adventure West is a tour for riders . . . more

Alpine Adventure East

Like any good Alpine tour, it is endlessly climbing, descending, twisting, and turning through the heart of the Alps. And it all begins with a dose of culture, thanks to overnights in Bamberg and Prague . . . more

Transylvanian Trek

Transylvania—a place that brings to mind mystery, folklore, legends, and Dracula. It is also the location of the Transfăgărăşan, the pass described as “the most amazing road we have ever seen” by the guys on the TV Series Top Gear.. . . more

Adriatic Amble

Stunning scenery sets the stage from the opening of the Adriatic Amble. Relaxing on arrival day by the shores of Lake Bled the 'perfectness' of the surroundings will captivate you. Your first ride in Slovenia, on tiny roads meandering . . . more

46 Years of Alpine Experience

The crew at Beach's Motorcycle Adventures are celebrating their 45th year touring the European Alps!

The changes that have taken place in the Alps over 4½ decades are significant.

More significant are the things which haven't changed. Beach's is the company which has always set the standard. By focusing on a few superb destinations we are able to offer tours truly a cut above those of the competition. We don't aim to be the World's largest touring company - only the World's best.

These fascinating Alpine bike and sports car road-trips beckon to the rider and driver with combinations of mountains, scenery and roads that amaze!

Each evening our superb accommodation wraps up the day with comfort and service well beyond what is expected. Join us in the mountains of Europe for the world's best motoring!

All European tours are personally conducted by Rob & Gretchen Beach and their excellent team.

Rob completed his 150th tour in the 2012 touring season, and was interviewed by the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. Here is the interview:

Beach's ^Pass Points^ program offers bonuses and tour discounts for our previous and future tour members.

Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Italy, near the Slovenian Border. Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Spello, Italy as seen on the Italian Idyll tour of Tuscany, Abruzzo and Marche. Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Bad T�lz, Bavaria, Germany. Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Karersee, Italian Dolomites. Motorcycle Adventure Tour in Passo Manghen, Italian Dolomites. Taken by Rob Beach.