The Classic Alpine Adventure

Refined for over 45 years, this is the trip that coined the phrase “Classic Tour”

The European Alps are, very simply, the most magical place in the world to ride motorcycles. Within their ramparts huddle villages and farms from the middle ages and winter resorts as new as tomorrow. The contrast of old and new is fascinating and amazingly comfortable. This tour focuses on that magic.

Motorcycles & riders are warmly welcomed

As the mountains in each of the Alpine countries differ, so do the people. For hundreds of years the inhabitants battled the elements and the land to wrest a living from these mountains. Today, for many of these hardy mountain folk, tourists are their lifeblood and are accommodated with pleasure and perfection!

There are mountains, glaciers, gorges, vineyards, waterfalls, hiking trails, picnic spots, gentle curves, switchbacks, tunnels and bridges, fortresses, castles, palaces, lakes, mountain streams, and both breathtaking and restful vistas. Enjoy scenes that could be straight out of Heidi or The Sound of Music. Imagine listening to the sounds of cowbells in mountain pastures; drinking in the landscape of wild flowers and the snow capped mountains; smelling fresh mown hay; tasting mountain grown vegetables and, from the top of a pass, almost touching heaven.

Dream about magnificent mountain riding on the finest roads in the world, awesome scenery, diet-shattering food, unique shopping opportunities and enough cultural overload to last a lifetime. It’s all there, providing a motorcyclists’ paradise.

Welcome to Bavaria

Your arrival in Europe is planned to let you catch up with the time lost and be introduced to a new environment. Beginning and ending in Munich, the first day after arrival is a free day, allowing those who wish to ride the opportunity to do so. Or you may choose to spend time in the city of Munich, visiting the Olympic Park, the BMW Museum, maybe lounging in the Englischer Garten, or poking about the old town.

Like each free day on a Beach's tour, rides are suggested for those with a passion for moving! The Bavarian countryside is crisscrossed with lightly trafficked roads. A relaxing ride through the farming villages is the best way to become familiar with your new BMW motorcycle.

The scenery takes an exciting turn as the Alps come into view, dominating the horizon. The twisty roads in the foothills of the Alps only hint at the adventures to come.

To Salzburg

Departing Munich we ride to Salzburg. The route may be another easy ride through the fertile farming country of Bavaria and Austria, or a sinuous route over some of the lower mountain passes. It's your choice!

Salzburg, founded prior to 700 A.D., is a not-to-be-missed city. We help with that, as we offer a guided walking tour to help you discover the millennia of history here.

The Austrian Alps

The Alps have been teasing us, adding an unmistakable skyline to the southern horizon during our rides for the past two days. Now it is time to dive into the middle of them and discover what mountain riding is all about!

The mountainsides are dotted with farms and laced with tiny roads connecting them. No one knows these "little white roads" better than Rob Beach, who laid out all the routes for this tour. To follow "Rob's Roads" on a day's ride means miles of local roads. And it means finding yourself in places tourists, and often locals, never see.

The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse is an iconic mountain pass climbing over 4800 feet to summit at the Edelweißspitze. The views from here are impressive—your camera will be busy! This is such a special road that it deserves more than a "ride over" it. So we overnight on the pass itself. That means no traffic when you depart the hotel in the morning. Indeed, only with Beach's Motorcycle Adventures do you have the Hochalpenstrasse all to yourself!

Then comes the beauty of Italy, where striking scenery and exciting riding compete for attention. The Dolomites are simply massive and the pass roads allow up close access to them.

Explore the Dolomites

Widely regarded as being among the most attractive mountain landscapes in the world, the intrinsic beauty of the Dolomites derives from a variety of spectacular vertical forms with contrasting horizontal surfaces rising abruptly above more gentle foothills. A great diversity of color is provided by the contrasts between the bare pale-colored rock surfaces and the forests and meadows below. Some of the rock cliffs here rise more than 1,500 m and are among the highest limestone walls found anywhere in the world. The Classic Alpine Adventure follows the Dolomites from east to west, allowing enough time to get to know these mountains and roads well.

Better still, a free day here, right in the middle of the most impressive group of the entire range, means that we wake up to an unforgettable view not once, but twice!

Switzerland—a paradise of mountain passes

During the next few days, as you explore Switzerland, you may opt to ride the Klausen, Pragel, Brunig, St. Gottard, Lukmanier, Oberalp, Neufenen, Furka, Grimsel, or Susten passes, to name a few of the possibilities!

These roads wend though scenery that is—with no exaggeration—breathtaking. They also breach the barrier between cultures—the mountains themselves. For millennia armies, ideas, products and people have been crossing the same roads. It is remarkable to discover that crossing a pass may take one to a place with different architecture, different people, and sometimes a different language. Indeed, a journey "just over the hill" opens a whole new land!

And so it is on our day between Zuoz, and Disentis. The Swiss-Romanish culture gives way to Swiss-German. Your route could even take you through the Swiss-Italian area. 3 languages, 3 cultures on a day's ride in a single country. That is the magic of the Alps!

Riding to Interlaken means crossing Switzerland's highest passes. It isn't a long ride, horizontally, anyway. It certainly is in a vertical sense, as the road climbs and descends in harmony with the land.

A free day in Interlaken allows an opportunity to see the world from the top, with cable car or cog-rail train trips to the Swiss peaks. The infamous Eiger, as well as the Jungfrau, the Monch, the giant, pyramidal Niesen and the Stockhorn are the “local” mountains, making the entire area a place of rugged beauty.

The Swiss Alps continue to the eastern edge of the country, and we follow the mountains, in, out, up and over, to the Austrian border. A stop in tiny Liechtenstein adds another country pin to the map, and in 10 minutes or so, we are once again in Austria!

Amazing Austria, and on to
The 2018 BMW Days

The Austrian states of Vorralberg and Tyrol are almost completely mountainous, and thus fit perfectly into the theme of the Classic Alpine Adventure—to play on twisty roads with an excellent motorcycle!

BMW Days, the World's largest BMW motorcycle event, is taking place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and is an excellent stop on the way back to Munich. The German factory puts on a great party! After two weeks on a Bavarian machine in the Alps, what better way to end the tour than celebrating the magic with 25,000 riding buddies?

After all those countries, all those passes, all that adventure and riding the question is, how to get back again, as soon as possible??

Here is an altitude track and a list of the passes you might cross on the Classic Alpine Adventure.

Classic Alpine Adventure Details

2018 Dates

June 24 ~ July 8 Book Now

2019 Dates

July 14 ~ 28
August 4 ~ 18


Munich, Germany

Tour distance Min / Max

1550 miles / your choice

Riding Season

Late Spring

The Itinerary

  • Day 1 - Arrive Munich, Germany
  • Day 2 - Munich, Free day
  • Day 3 - Salzburg, Austria
  • Day 4 - Heiligenblut, Austria
  • Day 5 - Arabba, Italy
  • Day 6 - Arabba, Free day
  • Day 7 - Terlago, Italy
  • Day 8 - Zuoz, Switzerland
  • Day 9 - Disentis, Switzerland
  • Day 10 - Interlaken, Switzerland
  • Day 11 - Interlaken, Free day
  • Day 12 - Rankweil, Austria
  • Day 13 - Imst, Austria
  • Day 14 - Munich, Germany
  • Day 15 - Depart for home
  • The 2019 tours run in the
    opposite direction

Free / rest days

Munich, Germany
Interlaken, Switzerland
Arabba, Italy

2018 Price

  • Rider $7,180
  • Sports car driver $5,850
  • Passenger $5,277
  • Single Room $385


  • 14 nights in 3 to 5 star hotels
  • All breakfasts, 12 dinners
  • includes a variety of a la carte, choice menu, fixed menu, and buffet style dinners.

  • Guided Walking tour of Salzburg
  • Airport Transfers
  • Tour book
  • detailing daily options & points of interest enroute

  • Preprogrammed BMW Navigator V GPS with turn by turn detail of all the daily route suggestions
  • BMW Motorrad Certified Guide on a motorcycle
  • Chase vehicle / driver for your luggage
  • Custom duffel bag
  • embroidered with your name and tour


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Beach's Motorcycle Adventures - Riding BMWs in the Dolomites The Swiss Alps - a church near Illanz, seen on the Alpine Adventure BMW tour Klausen Pass, a great place for a picnic on the Alpine Adventure motorcycle tour The Dolomites. Sheer Rock, sheer power. Cable car on top of Passo Pordi, Dolomites, Italy. Shot taken on the Classic Alpine Adventure.