The Adriatic Amble Tour Routes

This map depicts the general tour route. It does not show each and every option on a given day. Remember that you choose your daily routes, so your tour track could end up being quite a bit different than this!

To give you an idea of the options, here is an example of a typical day on the road (in this case, for the Alpine Adventure West) detailing a few of the possibilities for the ride from Embrun to Valloire.

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Key and help

Green pins indicate single overnight stops.
Blue pins indicate double overnights and free days

To zoom back out to the original view with the entire tour (or tours) itinerary, click on the icon near the top left of the map.

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Hover over the map and the cursor will turn into a hand icon allowing you to 'grab' the map and re-center it to your satisfaction. Remember the arrow keys to re-center on an itinerary if you find yourself 'lost.'