Oscar Firnkes & Cornelia Wünsch

Oscar & Connie

Oscar is a Certified South African Tourist Guide | Certified South African Specialist | RoadCaptain Fan City Chapter in Germany

"Ride a bike to add life to your days"

Oscar grew up in Germany; discovering his love for motorcycling during an extended five-year stay in Naples, Florida. He is a Harley-Davidson rider at heart, and he wants to share his passion for touring through the best landscapes in Europe, Africa and America. Oscar is an experienced Road Captain; he has safely and successfully led many motorcycle tour groups to their dream destinations. He now teamed up with the Beach's in the USA to offer terrific tours through the most beautiful places there are.

His strength is definitely to make the tours very special to you. He always knows where you will feel at ease with the routes, the hotels, the people.

He provides comprehensive information as well as historical and trendy background knowledge on the destinations, as he enthuses you to explore the treasures of the countries with his personal style of charm.

Oscar & Connie

Conny is a certified South African Specialist

Conny’s passion for travel first came in the form of little gifts, given to her when her grandma would return from her trips all around Europe. Her own global adventures began when she spent a few years in Naples, Florida, taking road trips around the country with her husband Oscar. She joined the team and brings with her a natural inclination to be organized and dedicated to customer service.