^ Pass Points ^

YOU deserve credit!
And you receive it with Beach's Motorcycle Adventures
^ Pass Points ^ Reward Program.

^Pass Points^ reward our returning clients by reducing the cost of tours with Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures.

This simple reward program has no blackout periods and your points carry no expiration date. You begin earning on your very first trip with us!

There are several ways points may be accumulated.

  • You have been on tour with us in the past. Guess what? You have ^ Pass Points ^! That's right, this program is backdated, all the way to 1972 and credits tour members for each tour already taken.
  • Who else does that? (It is our way of saying thank you for 42 great years of touring!)
  • A two week tour earns 5 points
  • A one week tour earns 2 points
  • Please note that the South African Saunter does not qualify for the ^Pass Points^ program.

  • Once you have been on a tour, each application for a new tour member received by Beachs listing your name as a referral will also earn you points – 2 points for a two week tour, 1 point for a one week tour. Spread the word to your friends and earn a discount!

Now that you’ve earned ^Pass Points^, what do you do with them?

  • Each point earned may be cashed in for 1% off your next tour. Redeem as many at a time as you like, or save them up to earn a free tour!

There are other ways to redeem your points on your next tour:

  • 2 points per day for additional bike rental before or after a tour.
  • 2 points for one additional night hotel accommodation at the beginning or the end of any Munich based tour.
  • 3 points for one additional night hotel accommodation at the beginning or the end of any non-Munich based tour.
  • 3 points to receive a customized Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures duffel bag.
  • 1 point for any item available on our apparel page.

The Fine Print

  • Points applied toward additional day bike rental subject to limited motorcycle availability.
  • duffel bags purchased with points include shipping in the US and Canada only. Overseas shipping costs will be billed separately.
  • Points may not be redeemed against charges for large motorcycle surcharge or sports car rental.
  • Points applied toward tour discounts can not be combined with other offers and discounts.
  • Points are not awarded and can not be cashed in on independent motorcycle rentals nor self-guided tours.
  • Points carry no monetary value and may not be transferred.
  • Points applied toward additional night stays are per person, not per room, and are based on double occupancy. Please contact us for details on single room ^Pass Points^ costs.
  • Client referral points will be awarded for referrals of NEW tour members. These may be redeemed only after the individual(s) referred have completed their tour.
  • Referral points are not given for referring your passenger, sleeping companion, spouse, main squeeze, or motorcycle operator.
  • All of this is subject to additional fine print if we realize we missed something.