Tour Application

After fighting with Adobe Products for quite some time trying to come up with a document that could be completed online, I gave up!

Click here to download a tour application to your computer.

Once this is done you should be able to open the .pdf file, complete the form, and save it. Attach the completed form to an email to and the first step to a grand adventure is complete!

Please note!

Not all versions of Adobe Reader allow you to complete and save the form.

Please test this before wasting time by filling in one or two fields. Save the file, close it, and reopen it. If the form fields still contain what you entered, carry on. Complete the form, then use the save as command and give it a new name when you completed it.

If the fields are blank after you have re-opened the application you will have to print the form to .pdf when it is completed, otherwise all your information will be lost! Remember to give it a new name - don't overwrite the original. E-mail the new file, not the original (blank) form.